What’s the difference between GlowTour and Desert Island Duo?

Contour vs. Bronzer: A How-To Guide

Learning how to contour and bronze your face can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! With these simple steps, we’ll show you placement and teach you how to enhance your natural beauty in the flick of a wrist!

DUOS 101

The choice between the two blushes depends on the desired makeup look and the occasion. If you prefer a soft glam, everyday look, we’d recommend Desert Island Duo. If you want to bring it up a notch, GlowTour will be your full-glam bestie.


Bronzing is a makeup technique used to add warmth and a sun-kissed glow to the skin, and our Desert Island Duos will be your best friend for achieving this.


Contouring is a makeup technique to enhance the natural structure of your face by sculpting and creating shadows. Achieve this look effortlessly with our GlowTour Duo.


Our GlowTour Duos shimmering blush provides skin with a luminous and radiant finish.

Our Desert Island Duos have a satin, natural finish, suitable for an everyday flush.

What brush should I use to blend?

Our Duo Brush Face was specifically designed to play perfectly with all of these formulas. If you prefer to use your fingers or a beauty sponge for application, those would work well, too!

See how Courtney uses these products in her everyday routine!



GlowTour Duo:

Think of contouring as a way to add shadows to your face to create an illusion of a more sculpted and defined facial structure. Everyone’s face shape is different, so you’ll want to play with what areas you’d like to enhance or where your natural shadows lie. The following steps are just a general baseline but continue to explore what feels best for you!

Forehead: Contouring your forehead is purely personal preference. When contouring the forehead, apply at the highpoints of your hairline and blend, creating the illusion of a shorter forehead.

Cheeks: Use your finger to find your cheekbone and swipe the product under it from the top of your ear to the center of the cheek.

Nose: Apply the product on the outsides of your nose connecting into the brow bone.

Jawline: Apply the contour underneath your jaw to add dimension.

Pro Tip: When blending your nose contour, avoid pulling the product away from the nose to maintain a chiseled, slimming effect.

See Courtney’s application in action here.



Desert Island Duo Bronzer:

Think of bronzing as a makeup technique used to bring a blended, sun-kissed tan to your face. The placement of bronzer is less technical than contour, as you’re using this product to add warmth to your face vs. sculpting and defining.

Forehead: Swipe the product along the top of the hairline.

Cheeks: Apply the bronzer on top of your cheekbones.

Nose: Apply a little amount on the bridge of your nose for a slight sun-tanned appearance or bronze the sides as well!

Chin: Place some product on the center of your chin to continue the glow.

Pro Tip: Our bronzers and contours are designed to complement each other, whether used simultaneously or separately. It's all about finding your style and achieving the look you desire!



After contouring and bronzing, adding blush to your cheeks will bring a natural, healthy pop of color to your skin.

Cheeks: Apply to the highpoints of the cheekbones for a lifted effect, as well as on the apples of your cheeks for a natural flush! Our Desert Island Duos and GlowTour Duos are made to be mixed and matched so feel free to Double Dib and make your own unique color combinations!

Pro Tip: For a flawless and lifted finish, remember to always blend upwards. For a more sculpted appearance, take it a step further by applying the blush slightly below your temples. This technique helps lift the face and enhances the overall contoured effect, giving you a beautiful, effortlessly sculpted finish.



GlowTour Duo - Starlit

GlowTour Duo

Shimmering Blush / Contour


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Desert Island Duo

Desert Island Duo

Blush / Bronzer Stick

Shade 1 - Out of Office / Vacay Vibes

Duo Brush 15

Duo Brush Face

Double-Ended Face Brush for Cream and Powder