No Pressure Makeup™
No time? No worries. Our multitasking sticks glide effortlessly over bare skin on eyes, cheeks, and lips and blend easily with fingertips. Brush your brows up, curl your lashes (but skip mascara!), and head out the door.

Everyday Vibes
Want an everyday glow up? After brows and concealer, swipe bronzer on eyelids and cheeks. Add blush on cheeks and lips, then tap Status Stick on tops of cheeks, brow bone, and inner corners of eyes. Finish with mascara and you’re ready to take the day!

Pretty Glam Makeup
Ready to wow? Turn up your look by applying Status Stick to both face and body, stack and layer your favorite Desert Island Duo shades on eyes, cheeks, and lips for dimension and drama. Smoke out your liner, add another coat of mascara, and go get ‘em.