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NEW: Baked Blush Duets

Swipe on sunset skin with the first drop of our 3-in-1 blush, topper, and highlighters.

Swipe on sunset skin in seconds with ... Swipe on sunset skin in seconds with this all-in-one...

One Duet, Endless Possibilities

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Three-in-One Color

Remix it your way! Pull from one or both sides or blend them together to create the perfect sunkissed glow, from a brilliant pop to a softer flush — all with a luminous, second-skin finish.

Dibs Beauty - Duet - Better Together - Model Image

Better Together

Builds effortlessly and blends seamlessly, especially when using our Duo Brush Face or layered over our Desert Island Duos, for foolproof application and everlasting sunset vibes.

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The Good Stuff

Infused with skin-loving ingredients, like moisturizing jojoba and macadamia oils, plumping hyaluronic acid, and antioxidant-rich hibiscus extract.



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Double Dip Set
Double Dip Set
Everything you need to complete your ... Everything you need to complete your sunset era blus...

How To:

Ombre Flush


Sunburnt Glow

Step 1

Start by swirling your Duo Brush Face on both sides of the dome to get ample pick up and build your blend. Tap color on the apple of the cheek. To increase intensity layer over your favorite Desert Island Duo (we suggest 2 or 2.5 with Pop Star and 5.5 or 6 with Spice Gal).

Step 2

Lightly sweep blush up along the cheek bone to gradually bring color higher.

Step 3

Sweep forehead, bridge of nose and chin for extra luminosity.

Dibs Beauty - Duet - Ombre Flush

Step 1

Take your fave powder brush (like our Duo Brush Face!) to the coral side of your Pop Star Duet and apply to your cheeks. Build and blend to your perfect flush!

Step 2

Next, take the Pop Star Duet’s poppy pink shade and apply to the tops of the cheeks and up towards the temples for a shimmery highlight.

Step 3

Take your finger or the point of your brush to the poppy pink shade for precise application wherever you’d like some extra shine.

Dibs Beauty - Duet - Blushlighter

Step 1

Take the powder end of your Duo Brush Face and your Spice Gal Duet and apply across the cheeks. Try the spiced rose shade for the perfect deep pink, the sunset orange for a warm, sunkissed flush, or mix the two for the best of both!

Step 2

Take the same shade and swipe across the bridge of your nose.

Step 3

Connect the blush by blending in towards your cheeks. Add a light flush of color wherever else you want to warm up your face.

Dibs Beauty - Duet - Sunburnt Glow


Our products are powered by skin-loving ingredients that are sure to help you look and feel your best.

Dibs Beauty - Vegan - Duet


Dibs Beauty - Dermatologist Tested - Duet

Dermatologist Tested

Dibs Beauty - Cruelty Free - Duet


Dibs Beauty - Allergy Tested - Duet


Dibs Beauty - Ingredients


Our baked blush Duets are made in Italy and blend centuries-old tradition with state-of-the-art technology. Our dual shades are hand piped onto terracotta tiles, pressed, and baked to velvety perfection to deliver a soft, creamy powder that blends and builds seamlessly.

Dibs Beauty - Baked Blush Duets
Dibs Beauty - Baked Blush Duets

These Duets pair Jojoba and Macadamia oils with Hyaluronic Acid for soft, supple skin that holds in moisture without feeling greasy, and Hibiscus Extract for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Like all DIBS products, they’re vegan, cruelty-free, and talc-free.

Dibs Beauty - Vegan


Our makeup products are completely vegan and free of any ingredients derived from animals. Our commitment to using vegan ingredients ensures that you can feel good about the products they are using and the impact they have on the world around them.

Dibs Beauty - Cruelty Free

Leaping Bunny Certified

Our makeup is proudly Leaping Bunny Certified, which means that it has been tested to ensure it meets the cruelty-free standards. We are committed to animal welfare and are proud to offer products that are both beautiful and compassionate.

Dibs Beauty - Dermatologist Tested

Dermatologist Tested

Dermatologist testing ensures that all of our makeup is safe and non-irritating for use on the skin. By using makeup that is dermatologist tested, you can feel confident in the efficacy of the product, while also achieving the desired look and feel.

Dibs Beauty - Allergy Tested

Allergy Tested

Like all of our makeup, the Duets are formulated with gentle ingredients, ensuring that it is hypoallergenic and safe to use for all skin types. By prioritizing the safety and comfort of our customers, we can provide makeup that enhances their beauty without causing any adverse reactions.

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