International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day from team DIBS! We are highlighting some remarkable entrepreneurs from Austin, TX who fuel our daily inspiration, handpicked by Courtney herself. Let's lift up the women who pave the way, inspire us, and bring joy to our lives. Keep reading to discover their stories and show your support for their businesses!


Kristina Orido - Founder of Amara Lashes

What is Amara Lashes? A luxury lash brand created for the modern woman, Amara Lashes is here to make their customers feel fierce and confident while supporting, encouraging, and inspiring women from all walks of life.

Who founded Amara lashes? Founded by Kristina Orido in 2018, Amara Lashes was built on Orido’s love of lashes and a desire to create a business for herself doing something she loves, while also taking care of the needs of her children and family.

What are your favorite DIBS Beauty items? There are so many that I love, but my go to products that I use on a daily basis are Desert Island Duos in shade 5.5 and the Duet Baked Blush Topper in Pop Star. I can't live without those two in my makeup routine!

Check out Amara Lashes here!


Lindsey Martin- Founder of Kiramoon Skincare

What is Kiramoon Skincare? We're the first-to-market skincare brand with a focus on sensory intervention for a totally addicting user experience. [We want] to help you achieve your best skin ever and escape the drama of daily life through effective, sensory, and fun-to-use skincare and tools.

Who founded Kiramoon Skincare? Lindsey Martin, an Austin native launched Kiramoon in my her Austin apartment back in 2021! “At the time I was working as a sales leader for a local tech start-up, and Kiramoon got so many orders in our first week that I quit my job just 15 days after launching!”

What are your favorite DIBS Beauty items? My latest favorite beauty find is DIBS Go To Glossy Balm in Effortless Pink--obsessed!

Check out Kiramoon Beauty here!


Iesha Williams- Founder of Frankye Janelle

What is Frankye Janelle? Frankye Janelle is “a sophisticated intentionality planner company in honor of her late grandmother, Iesha prioritizes self-care, gratitude, and helping others.”

Who founded Frankye Janelle? Founder, Iesha Williams is a local Austin creator who loves to highlight approachable fashion and the ease of a capsule wardrobe to minimize those "what do I wear" days. She sprinkles in a bit of life and humor while also keeping it real.

What are your favorite DIBS Beauty items? Glow Tour Duo! *the* best blush! Love that I don't need a mirror or a lot to apply! Super easy and just enough shimmer. I also get the most compliments when I wear it!

Check out Frankye Janelle here!


Lauren Berlingeri- Co Founder of Higher Dose

What is HigherDOSE? Infrared, PEMF, and Red Light devices to elevate your daily health and beauty rituals. From detox and weight loss to recovery and relaxation, our biohacking technologies transform your wellness routine.

Who founded HigherDOSE? Lauren Berlingeri saw an opportunity to bring the biohacking tool of Infrared saunas to the masses. Since co-founding HigherDOSE with Katie Kaps, the wellness brand has experienced meteoric success, boiling down to a true revolutionization of the spa business. As a female biohacker and mother of twins, Lauren brings a fresh perspective to a space that has been dominated by male voices from its inception, making it HigherDOSE's core mission to educate women about their bio-individuality and give them the tools they need to reach their own best selves.


Iskra Lawrence- Founder of Saltair

What is Saltair? With a deep passion for self-care and environmental consciousness,Saltair offers a unique blend of high-quality products that are skincare inspired with high performing actives and exotic botanicals - with complex layered scent collections that transport your senses.

Who founded Saltair? I’m Iskra, the proud mommy, body acceptance advocate, model turned founder of Saltair, a thoughtfully sustainable, luxurious yet affordable body and hair care brand. It is my mission to empower individuals to embrace their uniqueness and to invest time into looking after ourselves and seeing how our Saltair products are bringing so many moments of joy means the world to me.

What are your favorite DIBS Beauty items? Duo Brush Face and GlowTour!

Check out Saltair here!

Go To Glossy Balm - Favorite Child - Sheer Shimmer

Go To Glossy Balm

Lip Gloss Topper




Baked Blush


new shades!
Desert Island Duo

Desert Island Duo

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Shade 1 - Out of Office / Vacay Vibes

GlowTour Duo - Starlit

GlowTour Duo

Shimmering Blush / Contour


new shades!
Duo Brush 15

Duo Brush Face

Double-Ended Face Brush for Cream and Powder