Start the New Year right with this easy glam, holiday look. In this tutorial, Courtney shows off the perfect glossy, glowy look to light up any NYE party. Follow along to see how she uses our Status Stick to create a shimmery glow that’ll have you looking fun and festive all night long.



Take your preferred Desert Island Duo bronzer shade (Courtney loves Shade 5.5’s ‘Cocoa Kiss’) and swipe right above your cheekbones and below the hairline on your forehead. Continue it to the bridge of your nose and the outer corner of your eyes for a lifting effect. Blend with a brush.

Now, using a larger blending brush, pat your favorite Desert Island Duo blush shade onto the bristles of your brush, and blend the color onto the tops of your cheeks and up towards your temples. Courtney is using Shade 5.5’s ‘Wine Not’ to add a nice pinch of color to the cheeks.

If you would like to add a bit more color, you can go in with a powder blush and add a bit to the top of your cheeks. This will also help set your blush for more extended wear.



Next, take your Status Stick and with your finger apply a small amount to the top of your cheekbones, and press it up the face and into your under-eye area to create a nice halo look. Next, add some highlight to the bridge of your nose. Lastly, take your highlighter and use it as a base on your eyelids.

Now take a Desert Island Duo bronzer and a small blending brush and blend the bronzer into the creases of your eyes. (Courtney is using Shade 5.5’s bronzer ‘Cocoa Kiss’)

With our Roses in Hand Palette and with your finger, dip into the shade ‘Kismet’ and pack it all over your eyelids.

For some extra glitz, take the shade ‘Kismet’ and add it right above the arch of your eyebrows.



Courtney uses our No Pressure Lip Liner in Shade 1, ‘On the Rose’ to line her lips. She then applies Staus Stick- High Road Highlight to the center of your lips to create a beautiful glow. Now finish off the lips with our No Pressure Lip Gloss Topper in the shade, ‘Charm’.



Now, use our Rose In Hand Pallete in shade Late Night and Duo Brush Eye, apply the a shadow liner along the root of your last line and line it like normal, then gently drag out to make a light wing. Take your brush and blend it out to give a smokey look to the eye.

Desert Island Duo - Shade 02

Desert Island Duo

Blush / Bronzer Stick

Shade 1 - Out of Office / Vacay Vibes

No Pressure Lip Liner - Shade 2 - Excuse My French (medium nude pink)

Shade 2 - Excuse My French


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