Smokey Eyes for Fall

Fall is here and it’s time for Courtney to show you how to achieve the perfect brown smokey eye. Follow along to see how she uses all her favorite DIBS products to achieve this effortless look.




Pretty Glam

Stack and Layer


Shade 5.5’s ‘Cocoa Kiss’

Step 01

Take a brush and stipple your fave contour shade onto your skin starting from your hairline to slightly above your cheekbone, then blend a small amount along the jawline and hairline to add subtle, everyday warmth and dimension to the face. Courtney uses


Desert Island duo blush- shade 2 & Desert island duo blush 5.5

Step 02

With a large fluffy brush, take your fave blush and apply it to the high-points of your cheekbones. Courtney uses a combination of Shade 2’s ‘You Do You’ & Shade 5.5’s ‘Wine Not’. Defuse any excess product towards the center of the face and onto the nose. Follow up with setting powder under your eyes to set your concealer.


Heather wearing Status Stick in Shade Good Life Gold

Step 03

Taking a large fluffy eyeshadow brush, blend Shade’s 2 bronzer ‘Mood Boost’ into the crease of your eyes, followed by Shade’s 5.5 bronzer ‘Cocoa Kiss’. Take our Coffee in Hand Palette and repeat the same process with the shade ‘Blended’ and smoke it out. Now switch to a small blending brush and pack the same shade ‘Blended’ onto your eyelid and crease. Using the same brush, take the shade ‘Caramel’ and apply it to your eyelids. Finish it out by placing the shade ‘Oat Milk’ on the inner corners of your eyes and under the corner of your eyebrows.


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