Spring Makeup Refresh

Audrey’s Spring Tutorial

Beauty is now in full bloom! Audrey’s got a new spring tutorial to help freshen up your makeup routine, featuring her new favorite Desert Island Duo – Shade 1.5 Bloom Service / Bronze Voyage.



Defined Lips




Desert Island Duo Bronzer Shade in 1.5 'Bronze Voyage'

Step 01

Take a brush to Shade 1.5’s contour color, 'Bronze Voyage'. Stipple shade onto the skin starting from your hairline to beneath your cheekbone. Blend a small amount along the jawline and hairline to add subtle, everyday warmth and dimension to the face.


Desert Island Duo Blush Shade in 1.5 'Bloom Service''

Step 02

With a large fluffy blush, tap Shade 1.5’s blush – 'Bloom Service' onto the high-points of your cheekbones,
diffusing any excess product towards the center of the face and onto the nose.


Desert Island Duo Blush Shade in 1.5 'Bloom Service''

Step 03

Taking the same blush onto a fluffy eyeshadow brush, blend 'Bloom
Service' over the lids and diffuse towards the brow bone for a simple
wash of color. For some added shine, use another eyeshadow brush to top the lids with our Status Stick in 'High Road Highlight'.


No Pressure Lip Definer in 'Light', Lip Liner in 'On The Rose', and Lip Gloss Topper in 'Wit'

Step 04

Using our No Pressure Lip Definer in Light - line the center portion of the lower lip and center of the cupid’s bow where those small natural shadows fall. Defining these shadows will bring natural dimension to the lips. Next, line and lightly fill the lower lip with our Liner in 'On the Rose', followed by rubbing the lips together to evenly transfer the color to the upper lip. Finish with our clear Lip Gloss Topper in 'Wit'.


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