Wedding Season

DIBS Down the Aisle

We’re all about natural, softly glowing bridal glam that’s easy to maintain from the first look to the last dance. Whether you’re hiring a team of pros or doing your own makeup, the portable, fingertip-friendly Desert Island Duos and Status Sticks make application and touch ups a breeze.




Pretty Glam

Stack and Layer


Desert Island Duo in Shade 3 Full Deets/Spill the Tea

Step 01

Get ready for your own personal paparazzi. Faces tend to lose structure in photos, so we recommend using the bronzer side of your favorite Desert Island Duo to sculpt your features. Blend along cheekbones, the hairline, jawline, and even around the eyes along the crease and socket.


Desert Island Duo in Shade 3 Full Deets/Spill the Tea

Step 02

White dresses and flash photography famously drain color from your complexion, so don’t be shy with the blush side of the Desert Island Duo. Swipe directly on your apples and blend towards your temple, then pat onto lips for a cohesive look. Don’t forget to pop on a little more before you hit the dance floor!


Heather wearing Status Stick in Shade Good Life Gold

Step 03

Want to know the secret to looking airbrushed in photos, but never glittery? It’s the Status Stick. Choose Good Life Gold to neutralize redness, High Road Highlight to amp up peachy tones, or Unbothered Bronze to create a soft faux tan. Layer and blend to create a custom color to spotlight shoulders, arms, chins, cheekbones, center of lips, and more.


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