Line, Define, and FilL

How to Line Your Lips in 3 Easy Steps!

We know you might be wondering, what’s the difference between lining and defining?  Well Courtney is here to help!  Our double ended No Pressure Lip Duo comes with a traditional colored lip liner as well as a neutral toned definer to help change the shape, even out, or add definition to your lips.  Follow along with Courtney in this no pressure tutorial to learn how to create the perfect lip look that’s right for you.



The way you like to accentuate your personal pout is totally unique to you. We recommend first picking a No Pressure Lip Definer that’s one shade darker than your skin tone, and then defining however you’d like. Use it to even out your cupid’s bow, create a fuller looking lip, or even alter your lip shape for a whole new look.



Using your favorite No Pressure Lip Liner, line your lips right where you created your new definition. Then, fill in your lips and let set for 1 minute for your best budge-proof results.


Top it Off

Finally, swipe on our No Pressure Lip Gloss Topper to complete your look! This gloss is the ideal complement to the Duo, with a beautiful fine pearl shimmer to create perfectly plumped, pouty lips.

No Pressure Lip Liner - Shade 1 - On the Rose (soft nude rose)

Shade 2 - Excuse My French

No Pressure Lip Definer - Light