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NEW! (Every)Body Brush

Our custom curved brush was designed to seamlessly apply our Status Stick or any cream product effortlessly all over your face and body.

(Every)Body Brush
(Every)Body Brush
Meet the (Every)Body Brush. The name ... Meet the (Every)Body Brush. The name says it all! Th...


Dibs Beauty - Highlight- Multi -Functional


Use the curve of the brush for a streak-free, full body highlight or the pointed tip for the high points of your face.

Dibs Beauty - Sculpt- Multi -Functional


Apply bronzer where the sun would naturally hit, swiping horizontal planes across the forehead, tops of cheeks, and chin.

Dibs Beauty - Blend- Multi -Functional


Made for multitasking – get a seamless, mess-free application of creams, lotions, or your favorite SPF.

Find Your Match


Dibs Beauty - Status Stick - Find Your Match

Universal Highlight

Dibs Beauty - Universal Highlight - Find Your Match
Status Stick
Status Stick
It’s giving shimmer and shine from h... It’s giving shimmer and shine from head-to-toe. Thi...

How to:

Runway-Ready Legs

Illuminate Your Décolletage

Get that Vacation Glow

Step 1

For a subtle, all over glow, coat the (Every)Body Brush in your favorite Status Stick shade and apply evenly over the legs.

Step 2

To add some high-shine shimmer to your strut, apply your status stick directly to the front of your legs and blend out with the (Every)Body Brush.

Step 3

Try Unbothered Bronze for added contour, Good Life Gold for the perfect golden glow, or High Road Highlight for a classic, radiant highlight.

Dibs Beauty - Runway - Ready Legs

Step 1

Swipe your Status Stick across your collarbones or gentle brush it on with your (Every)Body Brush, using the pointed tip for precision application.

Step 2

Blend out over your décolletage wherever you’d like an added glow.

Step 3

Extend the highlight even further by applying your Status Stick to your shoulders and down your arms and blend up towards your collarbones for a seamless finish.

Dibs Beauty - Illuminate Your Décolletage

Step 1

The (Every)Body Brush is perfect for seamless, mess-free application of any cream products. Start with brushing on your favorite lotion or body butter for a perfect base.

Step 2

Lock in moisture with our hydrating Status Stick highlighter, or chisel your look with a body contour.

Step 3

Don’t forget the SPF! It’s never been easier to get even coverage you can count on.

Dibs Beauty - Get that Vacation Glow

 Better Together

Our (Every)Body Brush is meant for (every)body type, (every)body part, and (every)one. The custom shape is developed specifically for curves and makes seamless full-body application foolproof, and the pointed tip allows for perfect precision application to the face.

Dibs Beauty - (Every) Body Brush - Better Together
Dibs Beauty - Status Stick - Better Together

This brush is the perfect partner for our Status Stick — together they are your ultimate summer power couple. Achieve an effortless, mess-free, full coverage application of your favorite highlighters, creams, lotions or SPF.

Dibs Beauty - Vegan


Our makeup products are completely vegan and free of any ingredients derived from animals, and our brushes are made with high-quality synthetic brush hairs. Our commitment to using vegan ingredients ensures that you can feel good about the products they are using and the impact they have on the world around them.

Dibs Beauty - Cruelty Free

Leaping Bunny Certified

Our makeup is proudly Leaping Bunny Certified, which means that it has been tested to ensure it meets the cruelty-free standards. We are committed to animal welfare and are proud to offer products that are both beautiful and compassionate.

Dibs Beauty - Dermatologist Tested

Dermatologist Tested

Dermatologist testing ensures that all of our makeup, including the Status Stick, is safe and non-irritating for use on the skin. By using makeup that is dermatologist tested, you can feel confident in the efficacy of the product, while also achieving the desired look and feel.

Dibs Beauty - Allergy Tested

Allergy Tested

Like all of our makeup, the Status Stick is formulated with gentle ingredients, ensuring that it is hypoallergenic and safe to use for all skin types. By prioritizing the safety and comfort of our customers, we can provide makeup that enhances their beauty without causing any adverse reactions.


"This is amazing and works beautifully for applying Status Stick to the body!"

Carol R.

"The brush is the perfect applicator, so soft and smooth and contours for every part of your body."

Lisa O.

"Now DIBS has created my Two favorite brushes ever! The Duo & this one! Absolutely love the smooth application this provides with the Status Stick."

Alexandra S.
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Dibs Beauty - Status Stick Model Image - Instagram
Dibs Beauty - (Every) Body Brush and Status Stick - Instagram
Dibs Beauty - Status Stick - Instagram
Dibs Beauty - Status Stick - Instagram
Dibs Beauty - Status Stick Model Image - Instagram


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